Free Cloud Backup for Drupal

by Pantheon and the makers of Backup and Migrate

Safe & Secure

All backups travel via SSL and are stored encrypted on disk. Sit back and breathe easy!

In the Cloud

NodeSquirrel stores your backups off-site, in the cloud—far, far away from the terrestrial dangers of your server.


NodeSquirrel just works. Set it up and you’re instantly protected from hawks, snakes and other scary things.


An interface so easy, even a squirrel could use it.
No offense, Mr. Squirrel.

The NodeSquirrel overview screen
All your backups in one place. One very safe place.
Getting your NodeSquirrel secret key
Activate a new site in a few minutes.
Backing up with Backup and Migrate
Back up your site with Backup and Migrate.
Scheduling backups with Backup and Migrate
Set up a schedule because you know you'll forget otherwise.
Creating a new site in NodeSquirrel
Changing your site is easy. In case you mess it up the first time.
The NodeSquirrel login page
Logging in—yep, pretty standard stuff.


Our forever free tier comes with 5GB of free backup storage for your site.
Upgrade to a paid plan if you need more.

Free Tier
NEW Free forever.
No credit card required.
  • 1 site
  • 5 GB storage
Small but powerful.
Like a squirrel.
  • 2 sites
  • 15 GB/site
A little more.
Because you deserve it.
  • up to 5 sites
  • 25 GB/site
This plan means business, just like you.
  • up to 15 sites
  • 50 GB/site